Transfer Procedures, Policies and Rates


Transfer rates:

$65 which includes NICS check fee for the first item being transferred from another dealer. Provided the item is NOT available for purchase either in store or on our website directly.

$100 which includes NICS check fee for any item being transferred from another dealer, that IS currently available in store or on our website directly.

$35 for each additional item included in the NICS check.

- Each handgun needs its own NICS check, long guns may be added to the same NICS.

- Firearms transferred to someone other than the recipient specified on the paperwork provided, with the exception of immediate family members, will be charged $100 to the specified recipient and $40 to the alternate recipient.

We accept transfers from other states providing they include all of the contact information for the transferee inside the package. Also a copy of the senders FFL license copy (if a dealer) or copy of the driver license of the seller (if they are an individual).

- NO ammo can be included in the same package as any firearm.

- Handguns must shipped via air with tracking.

- Long guns can be shipped ground with tracking.

- FSS Armory is not responsible for the condition of any item being transferred, all issues must be handled between the buyer and seller directly.

- Any items being transferred will be considered abandoned if the buyer and or the seller do not complete the transfer within 6 months from the date of receipt unless arrangements are made otherwise.

- Once items arrive and are entered into our system, we will contact the recipient to schedule your NICS. Please DO NOT CALL if your tracking shows received, items must be entered into our system first, we receive many packages everyday.

- Items that require compliance work to legally own in NJ, will be evaluated and additional fees will be disclosed upon initial communication with the recipient.

- Items that are banned in NJ and cannot be made compliant will be returned to the seller and the buyer will be charged $35 return fee plus any shipping costs.

When you make your purchase, specify FSS Armory Inc. along with our contact information to the seller. Forward your purchase confirmation to our inbox INFO@FSSARMORY.COM.

We exchange our FFL copy directly with the seller. We do not provide our license copy to customers to then forward.