After living in NJ all of our adult lives, and dealing with the changing state and federal gun laws, we came up with a business model to help educate and assist with our fellow gun enthusiasts to deal with it.

We have owned and operated the largest privately held vault in NJ. It is located underneath a shopping center and has provided safe storage for sensitive materials for over 30 years.

By utilizing the available space and adding the security, and law enforcement experience of our administrative team, we are proudly able to offer an all-inclusive level of service to all gun owners.

Our team includes, retired local, state, and federal law enforcement agents. The agencies include, DOD, US Marshals, NJSP, ATF, Navy, Marine, and Army. They all bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer to our customers, in training, education, technical support and real life applications.

Please browse our site and feel free to contact us if you have anything to say. We welcome all input.

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Ross Osias VP